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Facts and Figure

Law education of Shandong University began in the 1910s, and continued in 1908 after the reform and open-up policy. Shandong University Law School at Weihai (here in after ‘SDU Law School at Weihai’) is one branch of Shandong University’s law education, which originated from the Weihai Branch School Law Department formed in 1995, and developed as law school in 2004.

The College holds on to the tenet of imparting knowledge and educating people, focuses on cultivating undergraduates’ competitive advantage in careers and academy. The School has provided talents of tremendous promise for our nation and society in quantity, amongst which are strong performers in central party and government organs, immediate personals who base on the basic and serve the society, experts in government and law department and young and middle-aged scholars devoted in education research. In the past five years, the undergraduate employment rate is over 90%. Each year, there are outstanding undergraduates admitted by famous overseas universities including London School of Economics and Political Science and Northwest University; and top universities in China including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China and alike.

Our Philosophy


SDU Law School at Weihai focuses on “top-class undergraduate training goal”, follows “full-scale cultivating education policy”, innovates the mechanism to support students’ growth and talent. The School comprehensively promotes the tutor system for the undergraduates and implements the responsibility system undertaken by professors teaching basic courses. The School opens up first and second classes for interactive education and jointly consummates the instructive mechanism between primary degree education and the second-degree education to foster students. The School has held Legal Culture Festival, Majia Mount Legal and Political Forum and other educational activity brands. SDU Law School at Weihai has already formed education platforms of distinctive cultivation, elaborate training and preponderant employment.

First-level undergraduate education relies on top-class academic support. SDU Law School at Weihai follows its action consciousness of upgrading the subject level with scientific research breakthroughs, strengthens legal methods research, legislative science, the People's Congress system science, the inner-party law, criminal justice science, the sports law, grass-roots social governance innovation, local government development and service, as well as the computational sociology and other academic team construction. The School promotes organizational scientific research and encourages to make original, inter-sectional and intelligent research. The School also launches diversifying and correlative academic activities based on the Majia Mount Legal and Political Forum, broadly inviting famous experts and outstanding scholars from all corners of the country and the world to hold various academic lectures and carrying out abundant academic communicating activities.

The advanced forums in the new era about the administrative law, the institutional reform of the party and state and the public law, the ensuring on the rule of law in the development of sports industry, the rule of law within the party have prosperously taken place in SDU Law School at Weihai. The School holds academic conferences and appreciates academic impact and fame with its counterparts.


The School stays true to its original aspiration of “Cultivating talents for the world” and keeps our mission of “Making the nation prosperous and strong” firmly in mind. It is forming talent training advantage with our featured education, and are devoted to cultivating first-class undergraduates with firm academic foundation and relevant subject background, profound humanistic spirit and professional ethic attainment, fundamental practice skills and social work ability, global consciousness, worldwide horizon and international ability.


The School has always been adhering to the people oriented and innovative school management theory; sticking to the direction of discipline ability, academic support and characteristic education; implementing the strategy of “one university, three places” and integrative development; boosting undergraduate subject’s cross dissolving, transformation and upgrading; improving teachers, teaching resources, advanced online course resource and other joint developed and shared system; lifting education level basing on Shandong University’s profound literature and history background.

From the Dean

Under Majia mountain, accompanied by a bay to be named, this is a place of humanity and academy.

Let us make a pledge at meet at Law school in Weihai Campus of Shandong University. As a unique law school, she takes jurisprudence as body, public administration and sociology as wings; thus forming a talent-training mode led by advanced concept of liberal arts, based upon advanced jurisprudence concept, with joint developed cross disciplines, co-melt education and shared academic resource. With the education philosophy of observing justice and innovation, this law school aims at cultivating undergraduates of the first class in China.

Students from computers-jurisprudence class and Inner-party Regulations and Supervisory Law class of grade 2018 are recommending our education philosophy and characteristic to their alma mater. And jurisprudence-English dual degree education; jurisprudence-journalism, jurisprudence-administration, judicature-social work and other composite talent training feature classes will provide the fulfilment of new students’ academy interest and profession aspiration with more options. We believe that there will always be a beam of sunlight shinning for students, creating energy for further study and career competition.

Under Majia mountain, accompanied by an innominate bay, this is a place of choice and ideal university time! May us meet at law school in Weihai Campus of Shandong University, possess the spirit of mountain and sea, echo the sound of pine winds and sea weaves, bond with the grounding of Shandong University and feature of Law School in Weihai Campus,  set the mind for the world, care for people, stand up for justice and proceed with law.

Our law school will grow and progress with new students. Together, we will shape Shandong University’s manner and Weihai Campus Law School’s style of Chinese law education.


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